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Septiembre - 09-07

From the Mayan dzonoot, which means "Hole with water", they are a proof of the fascinating nature in Yucatan. A cenote is a natural well of crystal clear water, sacred to the Mayans, as they represented the gateway to the underworld or "Xibalbá". There are more than three thousand cenotes in Yucatan and only about 100 can be visited by tourists.

There are cenotes for all tastes, from those operated by cooperatives and communities to private ones which combine the experience with activities such as flora and fauna sighting, free swimming, snorkeling, rappel, zip-line, cave diving and kayaking. Some of them still preserve archaeological vestiges as they were Mayan ceremonial centers.

There are different kinds of cenotes: open, closed, and semi-closed or with a cave.


Yaal Utzil, Suytun, Tzan Ujun Kat, San Ignacio, Grutas y Cenote de Santa María, Cenote Santa Rosa, Sambulá, X'kekén, Samulá, Chihuán, Balmí, Canunché y Yakunah.


Zací, Lol Há, Ik kil, X´Canché