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April 10th

April 11th

April 12th

April 13th

April 14th

10:00 hrs

Meeting at the Acapulco International Airport

12:20 hrs

Flight to the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco

Flight with Aeroméxico connection. ACA- MEX/Vuelo 304/12:20 – 13:30 MEX – VSA/Vuelo 419/16:50 – 18:15

18:20 hrs.

Arrival at Villahermosa International Airport

18:45 hrs.

Transfer by car to the City of Palenque Chiapas

Located at 152 Kms in the north of the state of Chiapas, approximate time of 2 hrs.

20:45 hrs

Arrival to the city of Palenque, check in at the hotel

Suggested hotels: Hotel Villas Mercedes Carr. Palenque to Archaeological Zone Km. 2.9 C.P. 29960 Palenque Telefono: 01 916 345 5231

21:00 hrs

Dinner and overnight, end of activities.

06:00 hrs

Check Out and Transfer to Parador Rest. Valle Escondido

07:30 hrs

Arrival and breakfast

Required stop for breakfast before starting the visit to the archaeological site. Parador Valle Escondido South Border Highway S / N Ocosingo Chiapas

08:30 hrs

Transfer to Frontera Corozal

10:00 hrs

Arrival and boarding of the boats to visit Yaxchilán

Travel through the Usumacinta River, considered the most abundant in Mexico, to reach one of the most impressive sites in Chiapas Yaxchilán.

11:20 hrs

Arrival and visit to the archaeological site of Yaxchilán

The development of Yaxchilán occurred between 350 and 810 AD. Although the political expansion of the site on the region took place during the government Jaguar I Shield, who ascended to the throne in 681 AD, was during the regime of the Bird Jaguar IV when Yaxchilán reached its physiognomy and consolidated its hegemony, as early as the 8th century.

13:30 hrs

Return to the Nueva Alianza Tourist Center

15:00 hrs

Arrival and food in the place

Tourist Center Located in the sub-community Lacandona Frontera Corozal, community of the Chol ethnic group, settled on the banks of the Usumacinta River that serves as border between Mexico and Guatemala, being the fluvial link with the archaeological zone of Yaxchilán, it is also a place of passage for go to the Republic of Guatemala and visit the archaeological zone of Tikal.

17:00 hrs

Transfer to Río Lacanja Camp.

18:00 hrs

Arrival and Check In

Lacanja Chansayab, is a Lacandon subcommunity that bases its subsistence on the basis of the natural resources provided by the blue mountain biodiversity. It is the only natural site inhabited by the Mayan descendants, who still preserve their cultural traditions, faithful guardians of the vestiges of the Mayan Culture, located in the vicinity of the Archaeological Zone of Bonampak.

18:30 hrs

Night tour on the jungle path

20:30 hrs

Dinner and overnight, End of activities

08:00 hrs

Breakfast at the camp

09:00 hrs

Hiking through the Lacandon jungle

Experience of living directly with nature, visiting Cascades and vestiges of the Mayan culture, in a journey of approximately 3 hrs.

12:00 hrs

Return to the ecotourism center and check out

12:10 hrs

Transfer to the Cascadas Roberto Barrios

14:00 hrs

Arribal and visit

The waterfall of Roberto Barrios, is an extraordinary place. The water usually takes a blue and green depending on the depth. It has ideal poses so that children or people who can not swim can enjoy or feel that sensation of pure, fresh water on their skin. For expert swimmers you can swim in the deep pools that count the waterfalls. This place is characterized by its crystal clear turquoise water, and by the beauty of its waterfalls, for being a quiet place.

18:00 hrs

Transfer to Palenque.

19:30 hrs

Arribal and Check In at the hotel

18:30 hrs

Arrive to the Corazón del Café Hotel and check inn.

19:30 hrs

Visit the downtown of Comitán.

According to the suggested hotels on the first day.

20:30 hrs

Transfer to the Rest. Maya Cañada

29960, Primera Avenida Nte. Pte. 10, La Cañada, Palenque, Chis. Hours : 09:00 a 00:00 hrs Phone: 01 916 345 0216

22:00 hrs

Overnight and end of activities

08:00 hrs

Breakfast at the hotel

09:00 hrs

Transfer to the arqueological site of Palenque.

09:15 hrs

Arribal and visit

The archaeological zone takes its name from the neighboring community founded at the end of the 16th century: Santo Domingo de Palenque. The last meaning, also of Spanish origin, means "Estacada" or "Palisade", which is a wooden fence that surrounds a site to protect it. It is possible that the natives preserved in memory the existence of defensive works in the abandoned pre-Hispanic city. On the other hand that the place name comes from the Chol language, referring to the Otulum stream meaning "fortified houses" or Na Chán "city of snakes", Ghochan "head or capital of the snakes", Nacan, Ototiun "stone house" and Chocan "sculpted serpent", declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 1987

12:00 hrs

Transfer to the Ecoparque Aluxes

12:10 hrs

Arribal and visit

Wildlife Rescue Center Before the brutal destruction of nature, derived from the burning, logging, trafficking of species of flora and fauna and other acts of barbarism committed by people and companies colluded with federal, state and municipal authorities and facing the indifference of large sectors of the population, a family originally from Catazaja and Palenque decided to start a project to rescue the regional wildlife.

13:10 hrs

Transfer to the Cascade of Misol Ha

13:40 hrs

Arrival, lunch and visit

Waterfall of approximately 25 meters. of height, which when falling, forms a large pool in which it is possible, with caution, to practice swimming. This refreshing and beautiful place is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Chiapas and the setting for films like "El Predador" with Arnold Schwarzenegger; for being immersed in a typical example of the high tropical jungle of the Chiapanecan highlands.

16:40 hrs

Return to the Palenque city

20:00 hrs

Transfer to the Bajlum rest

20:10 hrs

Arribal and dinner

Bajlum, is a place to recreate with the richness of the flavors of the Mayan people of Palenque. Their dishes rescue ingredients and recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation among the Mayan communities, made with exotic meats, such as turkey broth, hog pork and rabbit.

07:00 hrs

Breakfast at the hotel

08:00 hrs

Check Out and transfer to Villahermosa International Airport, Tab.

10:20 hrs

Arrival and return flight registration.

11:35 hrs

Return to Mexico City

The scheduled flight from the city of Villahermosa to Mexico City would be according to the following: AM: 506 Time: 11:35 Arriving in Mexico City at 13:15

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