Business Appointments

Business Appointment System

The 1st Digital Tianguis Turistico will include our Appointment Scheduling session to make the event even more profitable.

  • Buyers and Exhibitors will be able to carry out their appointments on September, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th, 2020 from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Each appointment lasts 15 minutes
  • Buyers will have the option to block individual slots to participate in other aspects of the Virtual event if they wish to

Only fully registered and paid Buyer and Exhibitor companies will have access to it through the Delegate number and Delegate Password shown on the Confirmation Letter.

Each company submits a detailed Marketing Profile as part of the registration process. A search feature is available in the online appointment request system, which allows delegates to research companies based on their marketing profile and then select companies with which they would like to meet.

The Appointments are scheduled on the following basis:

  1. Appointments requested by both Buyer & Exhibitor (Perfect Match)
  2. Buyer only requests for Exhibitors
  3. Exhibitor-only requests for Buyers

Passport Access

The Online Directory with the Marketing profiles on Buyers and Exhibitors will be available on August 24th and the deadline to complete and submit your Appointment request form is September 11th, 6:00 PM CT.


Procedure For Appointment Request

  1. Login to the "DELEGATE PASSPORT" using your Delegate Number and Delegate Password shown in your confirmation letter
  2. Click on the button called "APPOINTMENTS REQUEST"
  3. Click "ADD REQUEST" option beside each company name you would like to request
  4. You can prioritize your list of requested companies by clicking on the "VIEW / PRIORITIZE MY REQUESTS" tab located at the left top corner. You may either use the up and down arrows to move them up or down on the list or assign a number priority beside each company
  5. Buyers can request up to 2 double appointments. Click the "DOUBLE" checkbox beside each company name to request a double appointment and then click on "SUBMIT CHANGES" to save your double-length request.
  6. Click the "SAVE" option located on the top right corner

To view the marketing profile of a company: 

  1. Click the company name and then click the "VIEW PROFILE" button.

To search for companies: 

  1. To search for companies based on their Marketing Profile, click the "SEARCH" button
  2. Enter the search criteria information on the General Criteria section or click on one the checkboxes, the system automatically refreshes the view to display you the results that match with your search
  3. Click on the "SEARCH" button to hide the Marketing Profile section if you prefer