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If you want to talk about Yucatan you need to talk about the origin, the meaning of life and things. Encounter and belonging. It is to evoke Mexico and its living culture. Recognize and feel the sacred legacy of the Mayan with their archeological sites, "cenotes" and caves. Marvel yourself at the colours of the biodiversity that is painted between its jungle and beaches. Appreciate and imagine the majesty of its "haciendas" and colonial cities. It is the epicenter of artisan hands that preserve culture and celebrate life. It is to feel and remember the flavors of traditional and contemporary cuisine. An experience where past and present gather together. It is to discover the mysticism of its magical towns. Feel the warmth and hospitality of its people, sheltered by the shadow of a Ceiba tree. It is to get inspired by the sound of a trova or jarana, remembering the loved one. Admire the creativity and development of a genuine, restless and vigorous community. Yucatan is a true paradise ... that remain in the soul.


Exuberant fauna and flora and natural showcases of great beauty in Yucatan. For those who like strong emotions and living with high adrenaline, there are activities that cannot be missed in Yucatan: visit grottos, immerse yourself in different kinds of cenotes, and sail along the Yucatan coast and its estuaries.

  • Over 3 thousand cenotes in Yucatán.
  • 537 bird species to watch, out of the 1,062 living in México.
  • 14 species of endemic birds.
  • 5 protected natural reserves.
  • 211 miles of coast.


Yucatan has maintained a constant growth in the business of meetings tourism, reaching an excellent position as one of the favorite destinations of Mexico and a positive projection at a national and international level for being a safe destination with the adequate infrastructure for congresses and conventions.

As a destination we have great advantages in our favor, such as the new International Convention Center and the Siglo XXI Convention Center, as well as the arrival of new hotels in the city and excellent ground and air connectivity, besides new openings of direct air connections.

We combine human warmth with professionalism, ensuring a great experience for event organizers and attendees.

  • Over 8 thousand Hotel rooms in Merida
  • 30 thousand weekly airplane seats in average.
  • 2 venues, more than 750 thousand sq. ft.
  • Capacity for 10 thousand people in the International Convention Center.
  • Merida in the top 5 of meetings tourism destinations.


Yucatecan cuisine is an exquisite fusion of Mexican and European flavors, product of miscegenation and result of different influences of the world. The unrivaled combination of condiments and spices such as pumpkin seed, oregano, red onion, sour orange, sweet chili, lime, achiote, xcatic chili, habanero pepper, max chili, and cilantro gives Yucatan food that special flavor.


At a hurried pace, Yucatan has become a destination for sports lovers. Trainings and competitions are enjoyed by both athletes and companions, because sport is complemented by attractive tourist routes, extraordinary food and moments of human warmth.

  • 300 days a year with winds for kitesurf.
  • 7 public sports units.
  • Venue of the first date of the triathlon circuit in Mexico
  • 2 golf courses.
  • Venue of the Mayan Mexico Rally of classic cars.


Yucatan in itself can be classified as a wellness destination thanks to the security environment that is perceived. But this well-being takes another level when it is enjoyed in a boutique hotel, in a historic mansion of the white Merida downtown, in a private hacienda in the middle of the jungle, or touring Mayan archeology with experienced guides who tell the most interesting secrets of your culture.

  • The best hotel in the world according to the Condé Nast Magazine Readers' Choice Award, Mexico.
  • Readers’ Choice Award, México.
  • Food & Travel “best restaurant in Mexico”.
  • 53 Spa hotels.
  • You can stay in a private hacienda.


Handicrafts, gastronomy, architecture, music and folklore, framed in a rhythm of colors, flavors, sounds and texture, are the irrefutable proof of a cultured land which lures and welcomes everyone with open arms. The archaeological heritage of Yucatan is a very important cultural resource and is essential for the identification and cultural appreciation of the Yucatecans. Yucatan, the cultural destination par excellence!

  • 17 archaeological zones open to the public.
  • 2 Pueblos Mágicos: Izamal y Valladolid.
  • The Soul Festival is carried out during Hanal Pixán.
  • The 2nd largest Historical Center in Mexico.
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  1. The use of face masks is Mandatory at ALL times
  2. Safety  measures for venue Access, sanitizing gel, sanitized exhibition and working areas, restrooms, etc
  3. 75% maximum capacity not exceeding 10 thousand people
  4. A 4.9 ft minimum distance between seats
  5. Complete Vaccination scheme of Negative PCR/Antigens test of less than 48 hours is required to get access
  6. No food  and drinks are allowed inside the halls where the events is taking place; a specific area will be designated for this
  7. The sale and consumption of alcohol will  not be allowed during the event
  8. The enclosed space will promote ventilation every 90 minutes
  9. The Yucatan´s Secretary of Heath may carry out random COVID-19 test within the venue, and in case of detecting a case, it has the power to suspend the event 
  10. On – site Registration Detailed information regarding the on-site Registration will be be send as we get close to the event